“Mark Brown’s Winterreise is an incarnation of that word-music intersection, an intersection where the artist’s profound response to the music and poetry is transformed into a creative act of immense daring. To trust in the truth of Schubert’s Winterreise is to trust in the truth of art.”
Dr. Janet I. Wasserman, Executive Director, Schubert Society of the USA

“…The scale of these monochromatic paintings, executed only in white, black and gray, belies their intensity and power… Brown magically explores subtle effects of paint – here, making it mimic birch bark, there, directing it into infinite, tiny rivulets….”
Michele Natale, art critic, Raleigh News & Observer

Winter series. Peter Plagens, Miles Manning, Lily Wei

Independents ‘Five of North Carolina’s Most Accomplished Abstract Painters’, 2013.

Greenhill Center, Greensboro, NC